Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm sick of sick

It seems like everyone I talk to now either is sick or has a sick child, so needless to say it's been that way in our house too for the past 2 weeks. We've all been sick at some level, but we are mostly better now, except for Isabel. The poor thing has really gotten the worst of it. She's had a fever and a very sore throat since Sunday. It is so sad to see my baby so uncomfortable. She spent about two hours yesterday either whining or crying. She asks for water, then says she doesn't want it, then something else, and she refuses it too. The only thing she seems to really want is to watch Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, which we did 4 times yesterday.
I got very little sleep most nights this week. Last night Mike, being the wonderful husband he is, let me sleep and went to sleep with her downstairs so he could take care of her every time she woke up. I slept well, no, really well. I guess I really needed it.
She seems to be doing better today. Her fever wasn't as high, and she even played a little instead of just watching tv. Hopefully she will be better soon.
Here is a little video to remind me how cute she is (especially with her sister) when she is not sick and whining all the time. I know this sounds heartless, but it is hard to think she is adorable when to poor thing is so miserable. I love my little girls, and it breaks my heart to see them sick. Well, here's for better times!


Debora said...

Guess what? we've been sick too. I agree, I'm sick of sick too! Hope you all get better soon.

Helga said...

Tao lindas!!! I love it when Bel gets my yellow purse and messes with it. I promise that purse will be hers!!! Bjos

Winnow D. Asael said...

That is SO cute. I love how Isabel props up Sophia and moves her back into place! So funny and cute!

Debora said...

So I wasn't able to watch the video before. I just watched it over and over and over again. I miss them!!! They are SO adorable. My favorite is how Bel pushes Sophia back into place and molds her mouth into a "cheese" smile. I LOVE IT! I miss you.Thanks for sharing.

Jessie said...

Oh! Your girls are so cute! We really miss you guys! Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures and videos :)