Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The year is almost gone, Christmas is over, and things are finally settling down again. I'm happy to report that my morning sickness is almost completely gone, and I'm starting to function like a normal person again.
We had a great Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house with my brother and his family (Debbie's siblings came also), and my parents. Mariana didn't join us because she is in Spain with her fiance spending some time with his family. Oh, before we left to go to my parents', we opened our presents at home because Mike just couldn't wait anymore. He is so cute around Christmas time, he really is just like a little kid all excited to get and give presents. He game me a beautiful saphire pendant and a jewelry box. I gave him a guitar, and we gave Isabel a baby doll with a stroller and little diaper bag (she walks around all day pushing all her babies and animals in the stroller - she waves at me, says bye-bye, and blows a kiss before going on her "walks").
We had a very lazy Christmas Day. Mike, Isabel, and I just laid around, played games, and read most of the day. We went to the Wilson's for dinner. I loved the White Elephant game Amy and Lindsey prepared. Now my favorite part of the evening was provided by my very precocious daughter. Isabel never stops (anyone who's spent anytime with her knows that). She also loves playing with phones. So is order for us to have some peace, my mother in law allowed her to play with their home phone. She said Isabel could do no hard to it, and we didn't have to worry about long distance calls, because they can't make them with that phone. A little later we were doing our White Elephant game, when all of a sudden I see flashing lights outside. 'I think there are cops outside' said I to my father in law. He went to the front door to check, and lo and behold a cop was standing in the doorway. The cop asked if anyone had called 911 from this address, and my father in law puzzled, said no. The cop then asked if any child had been playing with the phone. He said they had received 2 consecutive calls from that address, and had come to check afraid the worst might have happened. We finally showed the cop the little culprit, our 17 month old Isabel, who no one even ever considered was capable of calling 911 (not once. but twice). The cop was very nice about the whole incident, and didn't even charge anything for the fake calls. Well, now you know, never let Isabel play with your phone. The next cop might not be so nice!
These are some pictures of present time at my parents'. By the way, my mom doesn't usually go out in public like that, she was just playing dress up with my niece Dany. The video shows blowing kisses and saying bye-bye before talking her baby on a walk (which she later decided not to do). Enjoy!