Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching Up

We had a great Holiday Season! I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with both sides of the family. We had Thanksgiving here at our house, then Christmas eve at my parents', Christmas Day at Emily's, then a couple more "get togethers" again here at our house, the then New Year's Eve at my parents again (without Mike this time, though, the poor guy had to work all night - I missed having his kiss at midnight), and finally Lindsey's wedding on New Year's day. As you can see, it was pretty busy, but we did have a great time! A special thanks goes to the Wilson ladies who helped with the planning and executing of such a fun holiday!

Well, we are now recovering from the holidays and putting our lives back into a routine (as much as we enjoyed all the fun, it takes a while to go back to normal). The girls are now sick again unfortunately, but hopefully it's just a cold, and they'll be as good as new in a week or so.

Isabel and Sophia are becoming great friends. It's so cute to see them interact. Isabel really likes including Sophia in her make believe games. Isabel was playing with her princess things this morning, and she asked me over and over again to put a princess costume on Sophia too. This is what my princesses look like in pajamas and costumes!

I hope you all had a great Holiday Season too. Have a very happy New Year!