Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fake basement

So yesterday Camila and I went to Ikea to get some picture lighting for Camila's birthday present. While we were there we stopped in the toy section and bought everything that Dad always wanted when he was a kid. It was fun!

On the way home we started thinking about where we were going to put it all and decided that we had encountered a problem. It was then that we had the marvelous idea of cleaning out the future family room in our basement and making it into a playroom. So, in the tradition of virtually every person in our neighborhood and my in laws, we faked a playroom in our basement.

We got everything that could be ingestable, flammable, pointy, sharp, etc out of the future family room and transferred it to another room with lots of junk in it. We then erected a barrier of enormous proportions (if you are 3 feet tall) so that no child crossings into the danger zone could occur. We swept, vacuumed, laid down rugs and leftover carpet scraps that my in laws were kind enough to give us, and put together all of Isabel's new playing implements.

Isabel loves it, Mommy loves it too as she doesn't always worry about Isabel tipping a lamp on herself, emptying out the lazy-susan, falling off the counter and other nefarious activities in which she has a tendency to engage in. Consequently, Daddy loves it and has possibly clocked more time in the collapsible tunnel than Isabel at this point.

In other news I have been very busy helping Camila build a proper nest(ie. painting, buying baby stuff, twigs, grasses, etc.). Also been spending lots of time programming and building my side business, Pyxlin. In fact, I believe that for the last week or so programming pyxlin has replaced the time that I usually spend drooling, reading and/or playing video games. Interestingly enough, Camila doesn't seem to be any happier that I am spending time doing something productive. Go figure.....

Anyway, what a long post, and boring. Sheesh. I guess I will leave it to Camila to provide some picturesque views of our new fake basement. Goodbye for now.