Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I spent some time reading some of my previous posts today and I realized how much I had forgotten. It's sad to admit I'd forgotten so much of the cute things Isabel did when she was younger. She's only two and it's hard enough to remember what life was like when she was younger... how am I going to remember in 10, 20 years?
After being a little sad for not having kept better record of our everyday lives in the last couple of years, I decided to not have the same thing happen now with Sophia. My new resolution then is to write at least once a week here. I'll try to always post a picture or a video too. I just feel like these years are so precious... my girls are so sweet, I need to have a record of this time.
Sorry if my sentences don't quite make sense, but I'm trying to write this with Isabel trying to mess with the computer, and while watching Play with Me Sesame (it's amazing how distracting this show can be), and also while Sophia is crying a little from her bedroom and I try to decide if i should go get her or not (she just cried again... i need to get her). Isabel just heard Sophia cry. She looks at me all worried and says "Ze beby!"
We are all a little sick this week. All 4 of us have a cold, but we've been trying to do everything normal just the same.
Oh, here are just some pictures of us enjoying summer.